Language For Learning Rocket French

Our #2 recommended Language For Learning
The first language study course I ever took was in French. French was a must-learn language for me, as I have french speaking inlaws.
Learn to Speak: FRENCH
Last year I purchased Rocket French to help my husband regain the fluency of the french he had evidently lost from childhood. The Rocket course turned out to be a much better program than the cd language course I had purchased online five years ago.
If you or your spouse or your friends are serious about learning the language of French, I would definitely consider this program. We finished it in about 6 weeks. We have not personally compared it with the Rosetta Stone program, but online reviews have shown that nearly everyone prefers the Rocket.
With French in your back pocket, a trip to Paris or even Montreal will be twice the experience. My husband and I have even had the opportunity to propel our French in Africa during a couple missions trips.
When your Vocabulary exceeds a thousand words, I suggest watching a few French channels, preferably with Subtitles.
Rocket French
Our #3 Recommended Language for Learning
Though we are still in the midst of learning German, it is without a doubt mine and Harold's new favorite language to learn. Look out French! You might just lose your place!
Learn to Speak GERMAN
German is the one language that came easy to both Harold and I. Neither of us have German backgrounds, yet the language is so complimentary to our mother tongue (English) that it makes for easier learning.
Once again, we decided to try the Rocket version, our most trusted language study course tutor. The program was very intense, but that's the way we like it. We're already going through it for the second time, but this time with two of our younger children.
This summer we are planning on taking a trip to Germany. If you have any recommendations please email us. We value your advice!

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